Do you love American Candy and snacks?


New to the range is the American Candy Box  full of iconic American favourites from a range of items including:


Bakery Items

Hostess Twinkies, Mrs Freshleys Doughnuts, Cupcakes, Honey Buns, Dreamies, Chocopies, Hello Panda, 



Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butter, Newtons, Oreo, Moon Pie



Twizzlers, Sour Patch, Laffy Taffy, Airheads, Jolly Rancher, Swedish Fish, Reeses, Milkduds, Hersheys, Jar Heads, MIke & Ike, Lemonhead, Kool Aid and more.


  • The Original Box will contain 8 - 10 snacks

  • The Premium Box will contain 12 - 14 snacks

  • A few little extra surprises

  • Fun fact sheet about the country

  • Premium packaging

  • Free shipping to UK mainland only


Each box will be different

American Selection Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly subscription
Subscribe and save
£18.99monthly/ auto-renew
  • You will receive either an Original Box with 8 - 10  pieces of iconic American Candy or a Premium Box with 12 - 14 items plus the occasional surprise.

    It'll be shipped approximately 5 days after its ordered unless a specific delivery date is requested.

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