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Welcome to the launch of - we are so excited that you are here to share our journey and our love of snacks.

What if you could have a mini holiday every month, without leaving home or taking time off work?  What you could taste the world without leaving the comfort of your sofa?? Well thats where we come in.   We know that one of the best bits about travelling is discovering new flavours and snacks from across the world.  When we travel, we always end up bringing lots of them back with us in order to keep that holiday feeling alive for a little bit longer.  But not everyone is lucky enough to be travelling all the time - life, money and work get in the way.

So we had a good think about how we could solve this problem.  

We wanted to create something different, something that will give you that holiday feeling and something where we deliver a box of surprises to you every month.  We love hunting down the snacks and creating something that we’re really proud of, something that showcases our featured country and highlights it in a fun way.  

We wanted to give you a treat that you can share with your friends or family but also share the experience with us and the other snackers through our social media channels so that we become a community of snack lovers, sharing our favourites (and those that we didn’t really like) every month.

We want this to be fun and a great way of experience new flavours, new countries and building a snack community.

We are a team of fanatical snack lovers and travellers and its our mission to bring you the best snacks from around the world - they will be tested and approved by us so that you know that you're getting something awesome.

So a massive big friendly welcome to travelsnackbox - we’re glad to have you with us as we taste the world one snack at a time.

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