South Africa - Weird and Wonderful!!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

South Africa has a number of weird and wonderful snacks derived from its mix of cultures and traditions. Here we round up the most loved snacks and treats that are an absolute must try if you're in sunny South Africa. Typically these snacks are curated from the best ingredients, usually locally sourced and used to create some of the finest products on offer.

  1. South African Chocolate - the country is known for making some of the creamiest, mouth watering chocolate that you will ever taste. Whats more, they come in a wide variety of flavours and styles making it hard to choose your favourites.

  2. Flings Crisps - These maize snacks are loved across the country. It does not matter whether you are a child or a grown individual, flings are magical. They are a must-have during children parties and outdoor fun events such as games. You will be reminded of your childhood every time you snack on them. A bowl of flings during a rugby tournament is all you need to stay focused on the game.

  3. Big Korn Bites - Just as the name suggests, this is the snack you must have in your kitchen cabinet. It is not only a world of corn goodness but also a perfect combination of rich flavours and crunchiness. Carrying a few packs for a friend or family member abroad may be the most thoughtful idea you ever come up with. They will relish every crumb.

  4. Droëwors - A variant on the traditional Boerewors sausage, Droëwors is a thin dried coriander-seed sausage made of beef or venison and various spices, including cloves, nutmeg and marsala and a splash of brandy. How does it taste? Beefy. Vinegary. Fragrant and spicy. At first glance: Erm. Well, it doesn’t look great; does it but it scores 10/10 for taste.

  5. Melktert - Afrikaans for ‘milk tart’, melkterts are a South African twist on the traditional Dutch dessert. Lighter, and with a stronger milk flavour, than its Dutch, Chinese and Portuguese cousins, the melktert is basically a custard-like pie topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon and baked. Looks like a cloud resting atop sweet pastry crust and wafting with heavenly vanilla buttery scents.

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