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In travel, it is always interesting to discover the unique factors that help make up a countries identification and what forms part of its culture. One obvious example would be food and drink. But not all countries are as big on snacks as America, and, to a similar extent, the UK. With this in mind, many living in the UK would love some of the American snacking delights!

If you are living in the UK and you have never tried any American snacks, you are in for a tasty new adventure! Sure, as is the case with other countries, there are some cross-overs where the same products are enjoyed, but there are also plenty of unique examples that you just will not find in mainstream UK stores.

Another thing you will notice with American snacks is that they tend to have different varieties of a product that we have in the UK. You have probably noticed how different countries tend to have different flavour profiles on their snacks and so to appeal to that particular country manufacturers will offer exclusive flavour editions. For example, America has a lot more "bacon and maple syrup" flavoured snacks then we do!

So, looking at American snacking what kind of products can you expect to find? Well for one, Twinkies! Yes, even if you have not heard much about American snacks there is a good chance you are familiar with this icon brand! If you don’t know, Twinkies are essentially a type of individually portioned cake, a golden sponge that has a creamy filling. They can be found in numerous flavour variations, such as chocolate and are very popular. A lot of discount shops in the UK sell off-brand versions! In the USA they disappeared for a little when the makers, Hostess, came into financial difficulty, back in 2012. However, all was well again for Twinkies lovers as they were brought up by Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co in 2013.

Cheez-its are what you may well find the average American tucking into during break time. They are a very cheesy snack, and whilst we probably have some similar tasting products in the UK, this brand is very uniquely American in its advertising and production. With a pack of Cheez-its, you are getting bite-sized cheesy flavoured crackers, cheddar by default but other variations are on the market, including a Pizza-inspired option.

Americans have been enjoying Cape Cod Chips for a long time now and there is a good chance you would too if you gave them a go. Developed by two brothers, aiming to create a healthier snack with less processing then the average alternative, these chips (or crisps as we would call them in the UK!) are full of tasty flavours that include Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Sweet Mesquite Barbecue and unique creations such as Waffle Cut Sea Salt (yep that is waffle-shaped crisps, something the UK could only dream of!)

Of course, this is just a sneak peek at the many great snacks on offer in America, and if your taste buds have now being alerted to the possibilities then why not order a box from Travel Snack Box and see what becomes your new favourite!

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