It's Christmas.........that means snack time

Christmas brings so many wonderful traditions, many of which revolve around food! It can be great fun buying our favourite Christmas foodstuffs that we look forward to each year. Every country has its unique traditions when it comes to festive foods, including Christmas snacks.


America shares a lot of similarities when it comes to Christmas snacking as the UK

. For example, they love their milk chocolate Santa’s and candy canes. But they go bigger on certain brands then the UK does. Hershey’s Kiss’s may be one of their most eaten chocolate treats during Christmas, with the same being said for M&M’s who will release all sorts of fun Christmas variations. But America has their unique choices too, such as reindeer corn. Like candy corn but in Christmas colours! They also love their peppermint bark, a tantalising mix of two flavours-chocolate and peppermint that go very well together.


Japan love their mascots, so you can expect to see many Christmas snacks carrying the image of Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon. Already popular brands will release a Christmas themed version of their regular snacks, be it crisps, chocolate or something else. Over Christmas, residents of Japan also enjoy Wagashi, a type of traditional Japanese sweet in cute and attractive sizes and various colours. It is usually made with red bean, mocha, rice and agar jelly, tending to be less sweet than other deserts.


The quirky-named sweet treat chicken bones candy is very popular around Christmas time in Canada. They are very much like a cinnamon tootsie roll pop that has a creamy milk chocolate centre, and both adults and kids enjoy them. These were created in Nanaimo and it is a triple-decker snack or dessert that looks as good as it tastes. The bars are creamy, chewy and very chocolaty, It is usually served in the form of a square, with three layers containing wafer, a nut and coconut crumb base, custard icing in the next layer, and a final layer of chocolate ganache on top.


Papilottes are small candies (usually made from jelly or chocolate) presented in wrappers with the ends twisted. However, they also often contain a small firecracker wrapped up with the sweet so that when both ends of the wrapper are pulled, it goes 'bang'! Some amazing tasting truffles can be found at any time of the year in France, but they are popular among Christmas time. Often the luxurious tasting chocolate will be filled with a liqueur such as Grand Marnier or Cognac. Oh, and of course there are Ferrero Roachers which are also very popular during Christmas in the UK!

So there is a taster of some wonderful Christmas snacking traditions from a couple of different countries. If you would like to try something different from the usual UK treats, why not head to our shop for a great selection of overseas Christmas snacking options?

Maybe it’ll be the start of a new Christmas snacking tradition for you!

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