Italy - Savoury and Sweet

We believe that every culture has different tastes when it comes to snacks.

Italian snack recipes often combine both sweet and savoury elements, such as the Sicilian favourite Cannoli. These Italian pastries are exquisite works of art - combining a fried pastry dough shell with a sweet filling, usually some kind of ricotta-based cream.

Another favourite is Cornetti con Panna - which translate into cream filled croissants, and if they're not sweet enough, the cream has added sugar to make sure that they really hit the spot.

Have you tried Sfogliatelle yet, when in Italy you must try these but be aware, these shell shapped pastries aren't for the faint hearted - they are robust, flavoursome and a meal in themselves. Pasty on the outside, sweetened ricotta on the inside and sometimes the filling also contains a candied fruit filling.

These are all best bought fresh and locally, every morning you'll see the locals queuing outside the delicatessen to make sure that buy them before the stock disappears.

Savoury snacks are equally popular and range from cured meat and cheeses available from the salumiere counter in the supermarket to pizza and fresh breads such as Focaccia or Ciriola to wrap around a range of sumptuous fillings.

Each region in Italy has its specialities and we really advise eating like a local in order to experience them.

An Italian box will bring you some of the tastes of this culinary country - when will you get your box?

Comment below to let us know what you'd like to see in an Italian box and which of our suggestions you'd like to try

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