How it all started 

At travelsnackbox, there are 2 things that we love the most - travelling and eating!!  


When we're on the road, we love discovering new flavours and snacks from different cultures.  We always end up bringing back dozens of delicacies to keep that holiday feeling alive for just a little bit longer.  


We understand not everyone is lucky enough to be travelling constantly.  Life, money and work get in the way.  Plus this year, our travel plans, like many others were put on hold.


That got us thinking, how could we provide the flavour of a mini-holiday each month, without leave home or taking time off work? 

Could it be possible to taste the world without leaving your sofa or impress your friends with the weirdest, wackiest snacks on the planet.

This led us to create travelsnackbox.


We have made it our mission to provide you with the tastiest bites from around the globe. 


Each snack is rigorously tested and approved by us (multiple times in some cases, yum) so you receive the full package, every single time.

How it works

Choose which box works for you:


The Worldwide Box - Each month you will receive a new destination of flavours, ready for you to explore.  We like to keep this as a surprise, as to not reveal all our secrets ahead of time. 

The Country Box - Choose from our increasing range of specific country boxes.  Keep checking back as we expand our selections and introduce you to new corners of the globe.


Did we miss something? Let us know! We're always looking to try new things and with each box being bespoke, we can add your favourites.

Every box can be ordered individually, or as part of our monthly subscription package - they also make the perfect gift for your travel loving friends.