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Fun & Easy Snacking

Hand picked, hand packed and delivered to you

What do we do?

We source and deliver your favourite snacks from across the world, meaning that you can enjoy the holiday snacking experience from home.

Taste the world, one snack at a time

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Our team of tasters work hard to find amazing sweet & savoury snacks from around the world.

We then carefully hand pick and hand pack these tasty treats into our vibrant purple boxes, before sending them out for you to enjoy.

What our customers say

Sarah Patrick

Loved opening our travel snack box... a holiday in a box that even arrives with a post card, interesting facts about the country and yummy snacks I could never find in the UK! Highly recommend

Linda Gale

Today my Travel Snack Box arrived. Lots of tasty treats from around the world. If you can’t go on holiday why not treat yourself to some global tasty treats! Thanks to

Sarah Watts

for this great idea.

Emma Saddington

Got home today and my prize had turned up. My travelsnackbox. Opened it to 18 lovely treats. I can't wait to try them all. They look yummy. Thank you x